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Featured Episode

*New Series* - 04/08/24

140 | Legacy Builder

Patrick Booth

At IOL we want to focus on helping our listeners grow with the intention of making the right impact where others want to follow. This has been our focus for 6 years but it’s time to also focus on how we all can leave the legacy we want outside of work.


We only have one bucket for work and home. I know it is often said that we are supposed to separate the two but it’s impossible.


IOL will continue to focus on helping you grow your leadership skills for work but there is a need to focus on building a legacy that will last when you are gone.


This new series will bring teachings, speakers, books, movies, and real stories about how to build a legacy as a Husband/Wife, Father/Mother, Son/Daughter, friend, etc.


Life is short and you only get one shot at it.


We have failed if we don’t help you leave a legacy beyond your business successes.


The time is now for us to do this together.


No one drifts into excellence and together we can grow as leaders for work and home.  


Email Patrick: patrick.booth@impactofleadership.com 

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Patrick Booth

A second generation family business leader who has grown the business 42% over the last 20 years by building a TEAM around him that supports the vision he cast.  If you don't think CREATIVITY, FUN, ENTHUSIASM, and CULTURE are ways to growth your business - keep err movin'!  Patrick brings a passion for people, business, and leadership in everything he does at the Impact of Leadership.

Steve Scherer

Husband, Dad to 4 kids, an avid outdoorsman, and over 10 years of sales experience; from rep to department head responsible for $36mm in production.  As the host of The Impact of Leadership podcast, he follows his curiosity by interviewing leaders who are winning.  Steve, has one hand grasping what it takes to win in business and the other holding on to living a life full of adventure.  Why not have both?

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