Leave A Legacy & Be A History Maker

My family and I recently toured Washington DC. We saw some amazing things like the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, The White House, United States Capital, Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, Museum of the Bible and Arlington Cemetery.  Did I mention that was all done in 2 days? My wife is super star planner. So many emotions were felt as we visited each one. However, the proudest moment for me was showing my kids their great grandfather’s headstone at Arlington Cemetery.



Amel D. Taul, my grandfather, lived a full life to the age of 94. He had been married to my grandmother for 66 years. He had two children, four grand children and 13 great grandchildren. He served his country and family with the same passion and integrity every year I knew him. He had his core values and made sure each one was applied to his daily life. He loved his family, country and his God. What is important to you? Do others see you make time for each priority? What kind of example are you setting for others? Being consistent in both sides of your life, work and home, is how to leave a legacy and be a history maker.


We celebrated Memorial Day yesterday to honor those who sacrificed their lives while serving in the United States Military Services. I have always felt a strong appreciation to those who have served in our military services. Freedom comes at a cost and I am very grateful for each person that has served and currently are today. My grandfather served in Navy knowing his life could be lost but he stood up for his beliefs and this country. Fortunately, he did not die while serving and he was given a full military honors burial at Arlington Cemetery for his years of service.



As a leader, father, husband, and friend, I look at those who have sacrificed so much before me and I am inspired to do the same for others. To be a great leader, I need to know what I believe and why. Am I willing to make those priorities obvious to others? Am I willing to say no to things that don’t fit my priorities? A leader is not trying to win a popularity contest but set a real example on how to have the best behavior, attitude, and actions.


Leaving a legacy and being a history maker is what I saw and felt as we toured Washington D.C. I was truly humbled and honored to see how our country began. I have seen the Lincoln Memorial several times but each time I am in awe. This man helped change our country because he stood up for his beliefs and did not let fear stop him. He stood firm. There are many men and women who have helped shape our country. They had to stand up for the weak and in some cases go against the popular vote. Our country is far from being perfect and there has been a lot of mistakes. Leaders were not born but they earned their position by leading courageously to protect the freedom of the people. Be a history maker by standing up for what is right! 


Life is so short but your legacy and the history you make each day can impact lives forever. Stand firm and help others grow to be better so their legacy will also make a positive impact when gone. Don’t waste the opportunity and blessing to be a leader.


“Be sure you put your feet in the right place, then stand firm.”
― Abraham Lincoln


Thank you to all the courageous veterans who have served our country and for our active military. We are blessed to have our freedom because of your sacrifice.


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