Rocket Fuel

I fell in love with the idea of space shuttles and outer space after watching the 1986 movie SpaceCamp. The movie is about a group of kids that go to a camp dedicated to training the attendees on what it takes to be an astronaut. This movie caused me to dream about the idea of going into space. Who knows? Maybe one day I’ll get to live out that dream but not today.


At 44 years old, I am transitioning my role as CEO/President to CEO/Visionary. All of this is happening because I read two books called Traction & Rocket Fuel by Gino Wickman.


These two books taught the importance of a company having two roles, a VISIONARY and an INTEGRATOR.

By having these two roles, a company could take off like rocket.




Quick science lesson….

Rocket fuel needs two components: hydrogen and oxygen. The liquid hydrogen and oxygen are released into an engine where they begin to combine to make water. Just like the solid fuel, the water vapor creates energy and steam. The steam is released to make the rocket go upwards. To get a rocket from the ground into space, rockets need both solid fuel and liquid fuel.


Businesses don’t take off on their own or by luck.

They take off when you have the right formula of success.


Every company needs someone focused on the product, service, company, and customers. A person dedicated to looking ahead on where the company is going and how it can stay ahead of its competition. This role requires passion, enthusiasm, risks, and a lot of caffeine (I AM KIDDING!!!!). This person does not enjoy planning all the details. They might be capable of doing that but they rather spend time strategizing new ideas than creating the specifics for each idea. If this is you, then you could be the VISIONARY for your company.


The other key role is the INTEGRATOR who is really good at leading, managing and holding people accountable. This person loves managing the day-to-day operations. Someone must be able to overcome the obstacles. This role requires a person who is very good at catching the details and clearly communicating deadlines.


Like rocket fuel, there is a chemistry between the VISIONARY and INTERGRATOR that results in helping your company take off.


There is a lot more to the formula than having these two roles. You must have accountability and rules. We have all seen the perfect plans be created but it requires a team that can work well together to see great results happen.


Stop working in the business and start to work on the business. All leaders struggle to find enough time to do it all. In order to prevent your own burn out, you must find the right role for yourself.


Please take time to read or listen to the two books TRACTION & ROCKET FUEL by Gino Wickman if you want to see your business take off.


Watch a video to explain more on Rocket Fuel.



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