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Pick A Word For 2023 & Stick With It

It was several years ago when Steve Scherer introduced the concept of picking a word for the new year. This word would be something you could reference throughout the year. I was shocked how much it meant to me that first year and every year since. You can create goals that help make this word be a success throughout the year. It has encouraged me to see progress made monthly in many areas of m...

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Be Prepared: 7 Questions to Ask at Your Next Lunch Meeting

...your motive isn’t to gain a friend or to be wowed by a whimsical story. Instead, you want wisdom, guidance, connection, and to have the time be of value to them as well. But how do you do that?

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Strengthen Your Team’s Communication With DISC

Imagine this situation, a meeting is called to discuss goals for the next quarter. The meeting is scheduled to start at 9am in the main conference room. The first person to arrive 10 minutes early is Dwight. He proudly says out loud to himself “Time is money! If you aren’t 10 minutes early, then you are late!” Next to arrive is Jan who is 5 minutes early. She looks at ...

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A Recipe For Empathy & That Time I Got Staples In My Head

You can’t have safety without trust. You can’t have vulnerability without safety. You can’t have empathy without vulnerability.

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Happy New Year. Now Fire Yourself!

My dad taught me that it’s important to fire yourself at the end of the year, wait 10 seconds, soak up that horrible feeling, and then rehire yourself. Why in the world would my dad tell me to do this each year? Give yourself a scare and new outlook. It’s better to pretend to fire yourself before it happens for real. Now strategize! What would you do differently if yo...

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Tis The Season To Give Hope

My parents started a tradition many years ago where they gave each employee a hundred dollars at the CCB Christmas party. This gift was the way my parents wanted to show value and appreciation to the team. Employees could use the money to buy themselves a special gift or use it towards others. I know a hundred dollars doesn’t stretch as it once did. Last year I was told by an empl...

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Bring Focus, Increase Optimism & Build Culture: Choose A Word For The Year (detailed examples)

...dropped more f-bombs than a Quinton Tarantino movie. And you know what bothered him? People don’t say “please” and “thank you” anymore. Words matter--use them to build the culture where you work.

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Why Losing Great Employees Hurts Like A Mickey Fickey!

Have you ever heard someone say, “This is business, don’t take it personal!” That phrase is not true. I understand the person is trying to imply, “I’m not trying to hurt you directly, but this is what is best for me or the business.” That phrase could be said to an employee when their comp plan is getting lowered, changing an employee’s job duty, or whe...

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Routine: Purposeful Sacrifice That Moves You Forward

Determine what’s worth sacrificing for. Use purposeful limitations to propel you toward your desired state.

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The Years Are Short: This Is How You'll Spend 50 Years Of Your Life

If you live to be 80 years old, that’s 29,200 days. So that was the baseline for doing the calculations below—average American lifespan.

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